Manfred G. Ottinger is a very unique and special German/Canadian singer, songwriter and guitarist of the New Millennium.  

Manfred’s compositions are difficult, indeed perhaps even impossible, to categorize, or pigeonhole, into one convenient genre of music. And although many of his recent compositions could be classified as pop, blues, funk, rock, easy-listening, jazz, and even on occasion, country, most of his fans will agree that his particular interpretations of these styles often go more than just a tad beyond traditional and predictable formats. 

Manfred’s lyrics often revolve around a host of different age-old and contemporary topics including love, sex, anger, forgiveness, sadness, happiness, politics, society, and even, from time to time, anti-war sentiments. (Manfred is a passionate follower of Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King, and refers to himself as a Modern-Day Peace Crusader.)

To say Manfred is prolific, in his creativity, is an understatement extraordinaire. He has written well over 500 songs over the years, and there doesn’t appear to be an end in sight! According to Manfred, at this date, his “Well of Creative Juices” is nowhere near running dry. In his own words, “as long as there are topics that I believe need to be written about, I’ll keep writing about them, and building chord progressions around them.” Although Manfred has a stable full of top-notch local and out-of-town musicians, always ready to enthusiastically “back him up” either live, or in the studio, he typically prefers to “laydown” all of the acoustic guitar, electric guitar, and bass guitar tracks himself.
At present, Manfred can be seen performing at a variety of quaint restaurants, charming cafés, and offbeat nightclubs, in the Ottawa, and Montreal areas. A vast North American tour is in the “planning stages” for the summer of 2017.